Safety training

Your employees are required to fullfill legal demands regarding safety. Megasafe is a professional and reliable partner for educating and training your employees in becoming professionals with sufficient practical and theoretical knowledge about safety skills and other job requirements. We provide your employees practical training of high quality in a broad range of safety-issues . Besides training and certificating for specific technical jobs we provide also a broad range of workwear and protective gear.

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Workwear, Safety and Protective gear

Good and safe conditions at work are essential for you and your employees. Megasafe provides a broad range of protective wear and offers personal protective gear for work. We take care off that your employees can work safely under all conditions and we advise you in this field.

Visit our online store and ask for everything your employees need to work well and safely.

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Certificating companies

To granted certificatication a company needs to follow and achieve some steps or developments. Megasafe assists and advises you in getting your safety-certificate such as VCA and VCA plus. We also assist and help you in getting other quality certificates such as ISO, VCU-VILL and NEN. Megasafe assists, monitors and controls your relevant business-processes for you to acquire needed national and international certificates. Besides that Megasafe provides a yearly check of your personal protective gear, the permanent check of fall-protection and the buying and control of extinguishing tools needed.

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