BHV (company safety aid)

Why this course and for whom?

The purpose of this course is to teach employees in a quiet setting the basic rules for helping in case of internal safety-incidents. During this course BHV we teach employees the causes and risks of fire-incidents. You are being taught how to handle beginning fires in a responsible way and to take life-saving actions after an incident until the fire-brigade, ambulance-workers or police arrives at the scene. Since 1994 it is legally prohibited that employers guarantee safety to employees and customers by appointing several BHV-employees.

Minimum requirements:

18 years of age or older

How long does this course takes?

It takes 2 days from 09.00 am till 15.00 pm, with 2 short breaks and a lunch-pause from 12.00 till 12.30
Result: at the end of the course an exam is being held by an independent examiner based on objective criteria. If this exam is passed with good results a BHV-certificate from NIBHV is given and this certificate expires after a year.


What is being taught during this course?

  • Lifesaving actions
  • The limitation and the fighting of fire in first phase
  • In cases of emergencies to alarm and evacuate all employees of company
  • Practical exam.



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