When you are looking for workwear, protective workwear or protective gear for your employees, Megasafe offers a broad range of professional workwear, protective workwear and protective gear of excellent quality.

Protective workwear

Workwear can provide recognizability and uniformity. Workwear for your employees with logo, names and reflecting stripes gives a professional image for your company. But workwear can also provide thermic isolation or protection against dirt, radiation, weather-conditions of hazardous circumstances. We provide protective working wear of the highest quality standards, such as extra strong work-trousers for extreme weather-conditions (for garden and so on). We also provide the right type of protective shoes.

Safety Workwear

In many branches protective safety-workwear is essential to do the job. We have safety-workwear that protects against fire, ultraviolet radiation, fluids and so on. We also sell safety workwear with a good signalling function for possible dangerous situations such as in traffic. Megasafe provides a broad assortment of safety workwear of the highest quality and gives advice what is needed for your company based on risks-analyses and evaluations.

Safety workwear has to protect against many different kinds of risks and potential dangers, such as working with asbestos and welding-sparks. For employees who have to be good recognizable such as traffic-workers and fire-fighters we have special protective workwear. Besides a complete assortment safety-workwear you will find in our webshop also safety-shoes and other personal protective gear. Please visit our webshop and order everything your employees need to work safe and effective.


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